Friday, June 25, 2010

Boys versus girls.

Our season is winding down, with only two games left, and we had our last little league softball practice this evening. On Tuesday evening, after our game, we reminded all the girls (all nine of the girls) that we would be having practice at 4:00 p.m. that Friday.

Guess how many showed up? Four. Ugh. We weren't particularly surprised, yet these are the same girls that show up at every practice. The ones that truly needed to be there just don't show up. We knew that.

To make matters worse, our usual practice fields were taken over by the boys. (I know, ewwww,  boys, right?)

We relocated to a nearby field where our friendly little league boys baseball coaches were having their practice to snag a free diamond. I mean, we can't really have a practice without a "throw it to first" session. Not that the "throw it to first" makes too much a difference in the middle of the game. That translates into "not catching the ball, so I'll take my glove off and throw it." So we have some bad attitudes. What of it? You point out any girl aged eleven to thirteen that doesn't have a bad attitude. (Can't think of any, can you?)

We had our practice in the hot late afternoon sun when the boys' coach suggested that we have a friendly match against each other. Boys versus girls. Since the girls only had four players, the coaches would play with the girls' team. Oh, and we would use the softball, not the baseball.

Those little sassy boys sauntered over to our diamond, prepared to teach the girls a lesson. You know what happened? The girls kicked their butts. Granted, we did have the coaches on our team, which may have helped to some extent. But at one point, I looked to the infield when girls/coaches were up to bat and witnessed the boys taking off their gloves and throwing them at each other.
Baseball gloves.
At each other.

Well, that helped the girls out as well. So, the ladies were victorious for the evening. I mean, everyone knows that girls rule and boys drool, right?

Until you turn fourteen. Then perhaps the boys don't seem quite so bad.

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