Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes, it's kinda cool being a grown-up.

This weekend was not filled with nights out with friends, fancy dinner dates with the P.I.C., nor any exciting travel. Nope. This weekend was a grown-up kind of weekend.

Friday night consisted of breaking into Season two of the The Wire (if you don't watch this show, you must, if not for the interesting plot, then just for Idris Elba) and going to bed early. Saturday was softball day. Despite the early rain, we still played. Only five girls actually showed up, but we played anyhow. Oh yeah, and I went for a run before that. Suck on that, thunder thighs. P.I.C. is waist-deep in World Cup action so he spent the day at the pub with his mates (how British am I?) getting pissed. Yeah. I convinced him that because I had a day that wasn't as fun as his that he should take me out for dinner. You know, for agreeing to let him be completely obsessive about football for the next month.

Sunday I did laundry (four loads, yikes!) knowing that I need to pack for New York and can't possibly do that without having all of my options available. Very mature, right? Then I hung with the little sister, who informed me that while she cannot eat her beloved Thai food any longer due to a disorder she was diagnosed with, and that she needs to cut back on very sugary things, a Toaster Strudel was her breakfast of choice. I don't get that one either. (Oh, Chinese food is OK and so is pizza. Figure that one out.) Then I went to Target and bought ammonia on my mom's instruction that it would remove the grease from my stove top. The rest of my day was spent in fumes in my apartment scrubbing years of gunk off my burners.

Now, as I sit here on Monday morning, I feel pretty good. I have closets full of clean clothes, a shiny stove, and a four-day work week ahead of me. Despite not having a weekend full of raging good times and debauchery, I accomplished quite a bit. Sometimes it takes a weekend of chores and errands to remind me that I am indeed an adult, and a rather self-sufficient one at that.

Now, let's just see if I can get packed before the midnight hour on Thursday. Oh, and that reply that's due tomorrow? That needs to get done last Friday. Oops.

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