Monday, June 6, 2011

I don't wanna be...a crappy housewife.

I spent most of today in a foul mood.

Some contributing factors included:

1. The fact that it was Monday.
2. The fact that I had to spend most of the day in a building that I am fairly certain is full of carcinogens. Well, at the very least, it has created a new host of allergies in my body. I AM SURE OF THAT.
3. The fact that I had to go to the store, buy new shorts, and realized, I AM STILL THE SAME SIZE. That dress alterations lady was full of shit. I'm serious. I had half a mind to run down to her store and give her the business.

I thought it would get better due to a lovely date night at Millenium Park only to realize: free concerts breed drunken dummies that interfere with my chill music mojo. Plus it was really hot. And one bottle of water was not enough for the two of us. My husband's sweet picnic he packed (and he packed an amazing one) was overshadowed by the douchey-mcdouchersons (no offense to the Irish) acting like fools in front of us.

Sigh. Then I got home and remembered this video. I guess life could be worse. I could be faced with the prospect of being a crappy housewife. This video...I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. After watching it six times today, I decided that I have over-thought it and it's really just a sucky video. Well, a hilarious sucky video.

Tonje, signing out. 


  1. BF and I went to a concert there last summer, and because I don't have any filters that let me block others' conversations, my night sorta stunk.

    Maybe movie night would be better?

  2. Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that date night didn't make your day get better. Sigh. If you wanna bitch, you know where to find me :)

  3. Ugh- sorry about the obnoxious Millenium Park date. That is such a bummer and REALLY annoying!

  4. Is she the Rebecca Black of whatever the hell country she's from?