Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer, where art thou?

Seriously. I woke up for the second morning in a row to thunder and lightning. I know that it's not officially summer til the solstice (June 21, I believe) but believe you me, I'm ready for it now. Those few days of hotness only whet my appetite for all things summer.

I bet you might be wondering, "Well, I wonder what Fabulously Awkward is going to be up to this summer?" First, I'd correct your grammar. (But not really, because that would make that really awkward and while I'm awkward in most aspects of my life, I try to speak so people can understand me.)

BUT REALLY. Since you've asked, and since it's Friday, and since I am in a funk due to our gray skies and flooding alleys of the past two days, I will just tell you. Why not, right?

1. Lollapalooza. Choice, right? Last year was my first yea,r and I had more of a blast than I ever imagined possible. This year it is the 20th anniversary. Cool. For a gift to our two ushers in our wedding, we bought them a day pass of their choice. So my brother will be experiencing Lolla for a day with us. I'm so excited.

2. Wedding party up north. Since we were unable to invite our extended families to our wedding due to an incredibly small venue (and budgetary constraints), we shall be having another party at Auntie Em's place complete with some roast pig, a key of Spotted Cow and a DJ named Hugo. It should be amazing. Plus I get to wear my wedding dress again. Awesome.

3. Weddings. Lots more people get married this year. I didn't have to plan any of it. I just get to show up and dance and act a fool. I mean, I have been told I am a "required dancer" at weddings. So I show up, have some champagne and dance. It's my thing and I love it.

4. Travel. By this time last year I had been to Florida and to New York (well, almost). This year, due to wedding stuff, we didn't get to take any trips. However, starting next month, we will be traveling fools. I have spent more money on plane tickets this year than I ever have in the past years. Well, after we buy our tickets to Spain, that will be true. I can't wait to start having some fun.*

5. Being in town on the 4th of July. Chicago around the 4th of July is fabulous. Lots of people leave town, so things seem to be quiet (unless you venture to the Taste of Chicago). We get three day weekends to match, hopefully some sunshine, and really just a bonus staycation weekend.

What are some things that might bring YOU joy this summer?

*I'm ignoring my financial issues for a bit, I have decided. While P.I.C. and I might be a DINK-couple currently, we still find ourselves broke on a fairly regular basis. I blame our stupid decisions to go to law school and our wise decisions to partake in Chicago restaurants far too often. (Maybe it's not wise, but it sure brings us joy.) That's not to say I'm throwing out my budget. I'm just going to stop beating myself up for occasionally living outside my means. It's way too fun to stop right now.


  1. I am a million percent envious of you getting to wear your wedding dress again. I miss mine. Let's throw a wedding-dress only party.

  2. Great blog post and smart decision on having your wedding party up north. You may be broke now, but let's just think of law school as an investment that will pay off...soon?

    -Cynthia, also a broke law school graduate :)

  3. When did you get married?? Sounds recent? My husband and I were married April 30th. Six weeks of wedded bliss. I told him, "If the rest of our lives are like these first six weeks, I think we're going to be okay." =)

    PS: My husband and I enjoy Dallas restaurants very often, and you know what I think: The joy is worth the dent to the pocketbook, at least until we have kids (and should start being more responsible).