Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I really, truly love (in photographs).

I spend a lot of time venting. This Friday, I intend to embrace the "TGI" part of the day and talk about a few of the things I love. Why not, right? I can only be rant-y SO MUCH of the time. Well, there is that and then there is the fact that I take my aggression out via email chain with my coworkers. It's very helpful.

It's no secret to my friends and family, I really, really love my wedding photographs. Like, look at them twice a day STILL love them. They're amazingly gorgeous photographs, our fabulous photographer (and her similarly talented assistant) captured all of the happy moments of the day, and  looking at them makes me so happy. So I'm going to be using HER photographs to showcase some of my loves.

I love my friends. Wholly. Completely. (I also love manicures. This photograph showcases both.)

Oxford. I know, he's unbelievably precious.

Cupcakes. And those who say cupcakes are "over" are stupid. Yeah, I said it. I love them. Yay for Luscious Layers for envisioning my crazy lime theme and making not only delicious cupcakes, but also the most ridiculous lime bride and groom on the top.

Champagne. Lots of it.

Tulips. I wanted something that reminded me of springtime on Michigan Avenue with all of the beautifully-colored tulips. Since I got married right when these flowers were in bloom, I thought this was appropriate.  Flowers courtesy of Addison Ashland Florist.

Club Lago. Well, actually Italian food. All food. And restaurants. OK, I like to eat. But CL has got that old school feeling of a time when the owners really knew their regulars. Eat here. Become a regular. See what I mean.

Um, this one is OBVIOUS. I love the Hulk. (And that guy I'm kissing.)

I'm fully aware that this seemed a post solely to show off my wedding photographs. BUT IT'S NOT. I tend to be a bit whiny. There are days when I remind myself to think of my happy life and the happy things (and people) in it.

Cheers to the weekend, everyone!!!

(Also, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge my most fabulous photographer. If you need one, please hire her. She is fabulous from start to finish. She also takes damn good photographs. Dawn Roscoe. Look her up. Love her photographs, then pay her to take yours. You won't regret it.)


  1. Well lady, it's about time I saw some pictures.
    This was a very sweet post.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love that pale pink polish.

    Tulips on Michigan Avenue make me so happy :)

    Your lime cupcakes are amazing. So creative!!

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  4. Amazing shots! I absolutely love the photo of your wedding bands with Oxford in the background. My husband and I got married five weeks ago today, and our photos should be here soon! I'm so excited to frame them around our house. Married life is beautiful. :) How long have you been married?

  5. I love these pictures. I know I already told you that, but I really, really, REALLY mean it.