Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Riding double.

After my particularly heinous Monday, post shorts-shopping trek back to the office, I experienced something that many of you likely have experienced: the "riding double" episode in a rotating door.

Many times, it's a friend who's being silly. Or a boyfriend that's trying to be cute by staying close. Or an accidental double ride with a coworker who believed it to be embarrassing for months until you knew her better and she told you how embarrassed it made her. (I'm sure my raucous laughter at the time was not helpful with her state of embarrassment.)

The other day, it happened with a random. I was walking into my work building and saw one of my coworker's secretaries. I gave a little wave as I began walking through the door and then felt a THUD. I saw the secretary's face go to confusion in the space immediately behind me. I turn my head around and see him: a creeptastic dude that has inadvertently chosen to ride double with me. Someone I had never seen before. His response, "Sorry." My response was to exit that rotating door as fast as my legs could carry me and shake off the close proximity of the creepy dude.

I saw the secretary later that day.

"You almost got stuck in the door today."


"That dude was funny looking."

"Yeah. I know."