Friday, November 5, 2010

P.I.C. seems to be ashamed of me.

I have come to a serious conclusion this very chilly November morning: P.I.C. is fully ashamed of me. Why? I know. I wondered the same question. By all accounts, I am a pretty awesome chick. (Well. By my OWN account. I just figure everyone agrees, duh.) So why could be possibly be embarrassed of dating such a fully awesome girl? I suppose you need to know (part of) the full story in order to understand.

You see, P.I.C. and I met through a mutual friend. Alright, he wasn't a friend, he was my ex-boyfriend. This ex-boyfriend was a complete jagoff by all accounts. (And I feel that this is a pretty universal statement. The guy sucked.) P.I.C. and I were friendly. He got me my last job at his office. We became good friends. I later broke up with the ex-boyfriend. So did P.I.C. It turned out that he was just as bad of a friend as he was a boyfriend.
One day after the break-up, P.I.C. kissed me. (This is a disputed fact. He says I kissed him. I say otherwise. But this is my blog and my story. HE KISSED ME.) We started dating awhile after that. The snag? We worked together. While we knew we weren't in a volatile relationship, we did not want our bosses to think that the relationship would affect our job. I am fairly certain that we were transparent after awhile. But we both maintained the facade.

Eventually, I moved onto greener pastures, also known as the office building across the street. I got a new job. We no longer worked together. The whole "we can't tell anyone we are dating because we work together stigma" was gone. For a Christmas gift, I framed a lovely photo of the two of us and told him it was for "when you want to come out of the closet." This was Christmas 2009. That photograph now sits on the dresser in his room. In our apartment. Yes, it is true. We live together, and he still attempts to hide the fact that we are dating from his bosses.

It is not that he hasn't had the opportunity to confess our relationship to his bosses. In fact, he told me that last night, he was having drinks with his boss. His boss asked him, "Well, who are you going to Panama with?" Um. Yeah. Guess it's not with me. I may have deemed him a pathalogical liar this morning upon hearing this latest stupid opportunity wasted.

The ONLY conclusion is that he is embarrassed to have me as his girlfriend. Well, that or he really likes messing with people. I did already know that.


  1. Maybe since he got you the job he doesn't want to say?

    Really, I think guys just don't talk about relationship stuff much. But if his bosses asked, I don't know why he wouldn't tell them.

  2. Maybe he's one of those "commitment phobes" who loves you, but just can't get it together enough to shout your name from the rooftops.