Friday, November 12, 2010


So, I'm sure you all think I am funny. Duh. I'm hilarious. Naturally, that means that I have equally funny friends. Today, I received an email from a dear friend, Ginger. It was too hilarious not to share. With her permission, she gets to be my very first guest post on this blog.

Dear The Nest,
I am no longer nesting, as I am no longer married.  Why do you not allow me to unsubscribe from your mailing list?  I've entered my email address and clicked "unsubscribe" several times so your article today on "Your Couple Sleep Style- Decoded" was a little hurtful.  As was the one about "20 Great Dinners to Cook Together" and "How do You Know When You're Ready For a Baby?"  
Not to mention, your evil big sister, The Knot, apparently did not get the memo that I got married on May 30, 2009, not EVERY year on May 30th.  So please also let her know I am not looking for any romantic honeymoon getaways this year, and she can stop sending those emails.  Today she taunted me by letting me know that there were "199 days left until my big day!"  So unless she is planning an AWESOME surprise for me on May 30th, 2011, please tell her to back off, mmmk?
Suck it.

Hey Ginger? Don't be a stranger in these parts. You can guest post anytime.

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  1. That's hilarious. I feel this way about the baby ads on Facebook. Just because I got married does NOT mean I immediately want a baby. Leave me alone. haha