Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two days til GRAVY day.

Oh, pardon me. THANKSGIVING. But allow me to be completely frank with you. For my entire life, I have had one very strong belief about the Thanksgiving holiday: Anything put on my plate is an excuse to eat more gravy. Gravy is truly the nectar of the gods in my tryptophan-soaked mind. Brown, luscious, covering the most mundane Stove Top of stuffings, gravy truly makes everything better.

I was spoiled growing up. You see, my grandma makes the world's best gravy. It is a proven truth. Much of my childhood was spent fighting Auntie Em for a first taste of Grandma's groovy gravy (oooh, I know how I shall market it if ever I have the chance!). She was determined that she was the "official gravy tester." I begged to differ. I suppose, given her seniority in the house, she was really the original official tester. (PLEASE NOTE, AUNTIE EM, I WILL NEVER ADMIT THIS TO YOUR FACE.)

Two Thanksgivings ago, I was charged with the task: make the gravy for the "Orphan" Thanksgiving my friends and I had assembled. (No, we are not all orphans, we just chose to stay in the city rather than traveling home for the holiday.) I called my grandma, listened to her instructions and took copious notes. Y'know what? It just wasn't the same. I was very sad. Last year, I don't even remember the gravy for the Thanksgiving feast I had prepared for myself and P.I.C. That can't be good.

This year, I have been charged with making the actual turkey for our "Functional Friend Thanksgiving Feast" (working title). Therefore, I shall try my hand at the gravy once again. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Gravy can rectify just about anything. Dry turkey, canned cranberry sauce (OK, so this is my favorite) or stuffing, which I don't even like.

Please pray for me, and my friends. I want to give them a gravy...I mean, TURKEY, for which they can truly be thankful.


  1. GOod luck with this gravy endeavor. I'm sure it will be delicious!

  2. Oh I love gravy. Deep rich dark thick juicy savory awesomeness.

    My favorite part of thanksgiving is turkey stuffing and gravy. I figure they all cook together, so they totally count as ONE part of the meal. Om nom nom. I love gravy. It really does fix everything, too. My only worry is it being too salty from my brining. I shall do my best to mitigate said saltiness with help from the Pioneer Woman, and we shall see how it goes. Om nom nom I love gravy.

  3. I want gravy right now. I am buying stuffing bread from a local bakery. It's awesome to wipe up excess gravy from the plate. I'm sick.

  4. I am really impressed that you're planning to make the whole turkey. What a chef you are. ;)

    And I also love gravy, but only my dad's white gravy. Unlike you, I do not like my grandmother's gravy (which is unfortunate).

    Good luck with the feast! :)