Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boxed wine.

I'm just going to put this out there: Call me a new fan of the vino in a box. Yes, friends, I have jumped on the box o'wine band wagon. Why? Well, to be honest, I don't make it to Trader Joe's enough to really buy wine that I can afford in a way that I like. (Meaning, that I get to browse the most beautiful labels and make my decision based on the best, most gorgeous bottle. Doesn't everyone choose their wine that way?) I rely on P.I.C. to get groceries most weeks, and he doesn't value a pretty label like I do. Well, and if I say buy one bottle of red and one bottle of white, that's what he will buy. Whereas if I were shopping, I would see that list and say "well, but there is also this interesting label that I'd like to try" and I'd end up buying probably six bottles. Hey. That's me. It's just how I roll.

Well, back to the box. (That's what she said.)

The other day, I was getting ready for some company. I knew that I needed some wine. P.I.C. and I were on a strange corner with an unfamiliar liquor store that just begged for my patronage. It looked SO SCARY from the outside, but the inside conveyed a lovely 70s fake wood paneled decor and a surprisingly vast selection of wine. Score for us! However, I locked and loaded on a certain box of wine. Once I saw that I could get FOUR BOTTLES worth in that tiny, easy-to-cart-on-the-CTA box, I was sold. I bought that box. I did feel a little bit like my grandmother (sans carafe), but I bought it.

You know what? I liked that box. I liked it so much I bought another one when it ran out. Today, I just bought another one. It's FINE. They are all different kinds. I have to decide what I like. Most importantly, do I like the box?

Also, remind me the next time I make a grocery list for P.I.C., I need to include a carafe. I need to class this joint up a bit.


  1. Oh good, I'm not the only one who buys several bottles of wine at a time... there are some wines who are using boxes because it prevents the wine from being exposed to the sun and protects it better... just an FYI

  2. "Back to the box." ::snicker:: Heh.

    With love,

    your Ginger friend