Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going for bust on brick breaker

You know how everyone has a super-cool iphone or android phone? Not me. Nope. I have a sucky Blackberry. No fun apps. No "checking in" on things (although, I don't think I'd really do that anyhow). Worst of all, no fun (and highly addictive) games such as Angry Birds (or Words with Friends, a game that I am CERTAIN I would dominate if given the chance*).

Sigh. I love addictive games. I recall becoming addicted to a Scrabble-like game on Yahoo Games called Literati. (Look it up, it's still there.) I recall staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning playing it because I wanted to play...JUST...ONE...MORE...GAME. So, I would likely have the same thing with Angry Birds.

However, you cannot play Angry Birds on the Blackberry. (If I am wrong here, PLEASE tell me.) What CAN you play for free? Brick breaker. So that is what I play. The other day, I had an epic game going. My previous high score was around 30,000 points. I was over NINETY THOUSAND POINTS. Seriously. I could not lose. I had fourteen lives. I kept going and going, much like the Energizer bunny. I even made the joke to P.I.C., "Watch, my phone will freeze and this epic game will get erased." So last night, I'm multitasking on the couch (READ: Watching TV and playing brick breaker.) I was nearing 100,000 points.  (I SWEAR!) All of a sudden I got the white screen. "Application reset." Seriously. That epic game? Gone. My high score is back to 30,000. What can I do? Just laugh, I suppose. I'm not the type to throw things or throw fits (alright, MAYBE I have thrown a fit or two in my day). I started over.

How long 'til my contract is up and I can get a fun phone and play Angry Birds like all of YOU people?

* I have been stealing P.I.C.'s phone and playing Words with Friends FOR him. So, if you're getting smoked, it's probably due to my stellar Scrabble skills. If you're beating him, it's because he's playing when I am not around.


  1. Agh, the evil white screen :( it's ruined many a BlackBerry moment for me. I'm pretty sure we can't play Words With Friends or Angry Birds...and I have to admit, I can't wait to upgrade to the iPhone a) so I don't have to worry about my trackball falling out and b) so I can play scrabble. So ridiculous, ha! :)

  2. I miss messaging from my blackberry! I get irritated just thinking about how I sheepishly joined the i-phone club.

  3. Please get a new phone so we can play words with friends.

  4. I like the iphone!! I could never go back to my blackberry! Apple have totally won me over!

    Monique xx