Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One small-ish elephant.

I know this topic has been discussed to death. Not necessarily by me, but I've read other blogs.

But just now, I heard what could only be described as my upstairs neighbor FALL from his couch to the floor.


A few moments later, he was clearly mad because he stomped down the hallway.


Then I heard the toilet flush.

Clearly, he was very angry because he fell off the couch. That caused him to stomp angrily down the hallway, knees high, because everyone knows that is the only way to stomp, to the kitchen, presumably to get a tool to pay back the couch for such an offense. However, as he walked toward the bathroom, he realized, "Yeah, I could take a leak," so he stopped. Post-leak taking, the sound of the flush almost soothed him, and he forgot to go back and destroy the couch.

I hear sporadic stomps up there now. That's how I know the flush didn't full calm him down. However, I think the episode is over, and we can all carry on with our regular lives. Upstairs neighbor's couch lives to fight another day.

On another note, if I had not seen my neighbor a time or two and realized he was a rather big man (as in tall) and likely has immense feet, I really would have thought a herd of elephants lives upstairs. Or at least one. One small-ish elephant. Dude is LOUD. And clearly, he has big feet. The falling off the couch is a new noise. He must've had a rough day.

What's the deal with YOUR neighbors, fellow apartment dwellers?

(Note to self: Avoid writing blog entries when I know I am tired and not really making sense.)


  1. Let's see... there's the neighbor who likes to have LOUD sex in the room next to my kids' every Friday afternoon, the guys across from us who like to slam their front door, and the freak downstairs who likes to kick the shit out of a huge punching bag every night right around my kids' bedtime.

  2. I'm pretty lucky, but my downstairs neighbor (who also happens to be the landlady) has a horrible habit of turning her TV up so loud you listen to an entire show from our couch. Not my favorite!

  3. We call our upstairs neighbors the Hobbyist Riverdancing Serial killers that love to move furniture, because it sounds like they are randomly doing all three of those things simultaneously. They always seem to do it at odd hours too, like, say, 5 am. When I'm freaking SLEEPING.

  4. The BF called the cops last night on the drunk, loud, belligerent neighbor (or friend, we weren't sure at the time) who was beating in their door. And yelling. And throwing up in the hall. And starting the ruckus at midnight on Wednesday night.

    That was my 5th night in this building, so here's hoping it gets better!