Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Last year, the night before Easter, P.I.C. and I went out with friends and had entirely too much wine at a cozy wine bar and then staying out too late listening to a band with giant hats, an upright bass, and even bigger champagne cocktails.

We stumbled back to my apartment where I found an Easter basket. It was bright, colorful, with Peeps already outside their packaging to get appropriately stale, just the way I like it. If I didn't know this man, ahem, Easter Bunny, was my person, I sure knew it then. My inappropriate alcohol-infused response consisted of tears, as I recall, but I remember feeling so happy. We spent the next day dining with family, eating ham like you wouldn't believe. Sorry, but I love, love, LOVE ham and will eat an obscene amount of it when given the opportunity.

This Easter? Well, lucky for us, we have no pressure to go anywhere or do ANYTHING. Reason number one: P.I.C. had his bachelor party. I'm fairly certain he had a good time. He and his friend woke me up (accidentally) when they got home around 4:00 a.m. attempting to make the frozen pizza I had bought for them and then kept me up as they discussed the hotness of Kristen Bell, and how watching Veronica Mars would seal the deal on loving her. (This drunken conversation nearly had me convulsing with laughter in bed, despite being annoyed at not being soundly asleep. "I mean, you've NEVER seen Veronica Mars? NEVER. You will watch it, and then you will KNOW. You will LOVE her. Like, REALLY love her." (Not to worry, ear plugs helped me back on my way to dreamland.)

Reason number two: Our wedding is six days away. YIKES. I have to pick stickers off the vases I bought for centerpieces. (I intended to do it last night, but my gal pal came over and we decided it'd be fun to do our nails while we drank wine. It was awesome.) I have to finish writing out our place cards. WE HAVE TO WRITE OUR VOWS. We are busy putting all the final touches on the day.

So we have two solid reasons for not having to do anything for Easter this year, as lovely as it is to see the family. However, I will not dare deprive my body of that salty goodness of ham that I overeat at least one day a year. I went to the store and BOUGHT a ham yesterday. I found a recipe for a glaze. I'm going to make that. I figure that I can heal P.I.C. with salty meat, potatoes, and a smile.

While I have fallen off the religion train (something about which is a posting that I likely will never write), I look to holidays as a way to celebrate family and the love that is there. Today, I will celebrate my almost-family. Me and him. As of next Saturday, we will be our own little family. That's pretty amazing. It's also scary and exciting and mind-blowing, all at the same time.

I don't think P.I.C. bought me an Easter basket this year. I will let him off the hook this year. (See the above two reasons.) Oh, and I already know he's my person.

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  1. Very sweet. :)

    No one in my family will eat the Peeps I bought for Bubba, so I'd be happy to give them to you. I am certain they will be stale enough by the time they reach Chicago.