Saturday, April 23, 2011

One week.

Time has been flying by at such a rapid pace lately. YES, I have been "counting down." Who doesn't do that when a big event is on its way. Speaking of, at seven days out, am I entitled to proclaim it the FINAL COUNTDOWN? (For the record, I am certain that I have posted that link before, or some incarnation of it. Sorry. I love that magician named Gob AND Arrested Development. It's funny stuff.)

I'm tired of thinking about wedding-related stuff all the time. I am sure that I have become "that girl" that talks about nothing other than her wedding. It's nearly impossible not to be though. I can't wait to have the brain of a normal functioning woman in my head again. I can't wait 'til I don't get scolded for taking my new diamonds out of the box and trying them on. As of next Saturday, I can wear all of my diamonds. Yay! (See, I start talking about it, and that's all you get. Wedding-schmedding.)

However. Here is the important part: I am in love with the man I will marry. After we get done with the ceremony, we will be surrounded by our closest friends and family. We will all be dressed up. There will be an open bar. We will dance and eat cupcakes (mojito-flavored, naturally) and drink and have a the best time.

Oh, and I get to wear fake eyelashes. WIN. (I love them.) So, seven days. YIKES.


  1. oh my goodness, have such an amazing time. relish it! <3