Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frustration over a special kind of writer's block.

Clearly, I do not have writer's block on the blog front. Nope. I've been blabbing incessantly this week about anything and everything. That is not the issue.

Of course, this one is wedding-related.

For much of the wedding planning, I have a had an attitude of "I don't care, let's just pick one." However, now that it's time to choose the readings for our wedding and the writing of our vows, I am suddenly stricken with panic.

Clearly, I am not the type of girl to just have some boring poem read. I'm not a boring girl. Frankly, neither is P.I.C. Well, he's not a girl at all, but he's not boring either. We are rather unique and goofy individuals. A reading of the first Corinthians will not cut it. Therefore I have spent the better part of three hours on the internet googling various phrases that I hope will lead me to a rather unique and special reading. Actually, no. I need two. I want two nice readings. TO NO AVAIL. The internet is failing me mostly this evening.

Oh, and I have to write vows too. Initially, I was all "WHATEVER.We will just do the usuals." But after thinking about it for awhile, I decided that it wouldn't be representative of us. Much like a canned ceremony or a canned reading, canned vows just aren't us.

Here's the thing. Unlike picking out the dishes (I still almost feel bad for the lady at Bed Bath & Beyond), I care immensely about our readings and about our vows. This is the part that won't last very long and that most people will not remember.

I will remember. It does matter to me. This is the guts of our day. The short time we will stand in front of everyone, unbustled and anxious, will be the most important part of our day. That's the part where we get married. It is the reason for the copious amounts of alcohol and serious dance party later in the evening.

So. Yeah. Writer's block. Vows. Readings. I got nothing right now.

I did, however, finally stop by a florist. So at least if everyone is just standing around awkwardly, reading nothing, no vows being professed, I'll have a bouquet. Right?

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