Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My dreams have taken a turn for the worse. I definitely have had my fair share of truly odd dreams that leave me stumped for meaning, but lately, these dreams have been blatantly easy to interpret.

DREAM ONE: P.I.C. informs me I am pregnant. How does he know? He took a urine test. DUH. Maid of honor is seriously disappointed. I then begin to fret my recent wine consumption. (P.S. I most definitely am not pregnant.) When I explained this dream to P.I.C., he sighed and asked me, "Do I need to have you revisit a 6th grade health class?" Whatever. Dream P.I.C. was the one that got it wrong, so it's his fault.

DREAM TWO: We begin the ceremony, but key players are missing (such as the best man). Ceremony takes place in my grandparent's living room. P.I.C. and I start to say our vows. The problem? We never wrote any. We hem and haw out a few nice things, then turn to the few people there and say, "Um, I guess those are our vows," only to turn around and find out our officiant is missing. The reason? She decided to take a nap and finish it up later. Apparently, we had started the ceremony an hour early. Why it took place at my grandparent's house is beyond me.


I look forward to falling asleep tonight. Stupid stress.

On a much happier note, we had a blast taking our last-minute engagement photos and they turned out pretty amazingly.

Just a sampling of the cuteness that ensued during our photo shoot...

Eleven days...yikes! Fingers crossed I don't lose it before then.


  1. Can I hop up and down with excitement FOR you?? Wheee!

    PS cute-NESS!

  2. You'll get through it! On a plus side, in only 11 days even if you DO get pregnant, it won't affect the way you look in your dress!

  3. That pic is so cute!
    And dying at what Little J said.... she's got a point. HA

  4. oh and p.s. i've been having insane dreams lately too. maybe we're just on the bring of losing our shit?