Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a Barbie girl...

I realize that I run the risk of being labeled a ditsy girl or the like by writing two blog entries about how girly I am, or how blond I might be. That being said, this is my blog, and I am who I am: A blond girl. Oh yeah, and I like pink too.

The other day, I was talking about my accessories with P.I.C. I told him I feel like I am a Barbie lawyer because I have a pink protective thing on my phone and carry my work I.D. card in a pink holder. Honestly, the real reason behind having everything in pink is because I am prone to losing things. Don't believe me? Well, let's see. Before I had my pink I.D. card holder, I lost my work I.D. Since I got the pink holder, I am always able to find it. Same with the phone. Pink case? I haven't lost it! (Yeah, so I've lost a phone or two in my day. What of it?)

Sadly, there is one thing in pink that has gone missing: my water bottle. It is the one thing that disproves my "make it pink so I don't lose it." I was discussing its disappearance with P.I.C. and trying to figure out where I may have left it. We decided I should ask at the front desk of the gym to see if I had left it behind one day.

P.I.C. says, "Just ask him if anyone left a pink water bottle there." He was quite for a minute, then looked at me slyly and added, "Barbie."

It's a good thing that when you slap someone across the face, it leaves a pink imprint.

(I'm JOKING. I didn't slap P.I.C. I swear.)

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