Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ups and Downs.

Do you ever have those days where something happens that lifts your spirits so very much, then something happens to crash you back down to reality. And then it happens over and over again?

Well, this morning was one of those days. I had to wear a suit, so the morning was a little rough starting out. Everyone knows that for the most part, lawyers have to wear suits. But most of us don't fully love the constant suit wearing, particularly in Chicago summers when it's quite steamy. It's hot. We don't like that. However, I was going to court on one of my favorite cases with one of my favorite opponents. Suffice it to say, my day is always very interesting when I appear on his case.

So, I step out of my office building, semi-excited to find out what would happen today. Sadly, there was some sort of fair going on so there was a greater number of people asking me to sign up for things than usual. I hate that. But then I crossed the street and my ears and eyes were delighted with one of my favorite characters. I call him "Sun Times, Sun Times" man. He sells the paper outside of the courthouse and has the raspiest, "smoked more cigarettes in his life than any other person"-est voice you have ever heard. He just says "Sun Times, Sun Times" over and over again. Sometimes he will throw you for a loop and say something absolutely crazy like "Buy a Sun Times, I'll have your baby." Well, that doesn't even make sense, now does it? Don't care, it delights me to no end. He has been missing for awhile, so the sight of him hocking his paper put a giant smile on my face. There's my up.

Then I walked into the courthouse, flashed my badge and walked over to the elevators. Oh, the elevators in the courthouse. Truly this is the place where civilized people turn mad. Suited people as far as the eye can see are tossing elbows at the crowd, fighting for an elevator. Catching an elevator during rush hour is very serious business. Trust me. I had to wait a good ten minutes for an elevator due to short men in suits edging past me. Truth be told, I attempt to be civilized and let them go. I prefer to stew inside my overly passive-aggressive brain. Naturally. There's a serious down. (Couple the lack of civility with a multitude of hot and sweaty suit-wearers and unpleasantness is all around.)

Ten minutes later, I was able to squeeze myself onto the elevator. At last I got to my floor and was able to attend my hearing. It did not disappoint. Life was good again.

I only had to wait a few minutes to catch a down elevator.

(By the way, no lawyers or court personnel were harmed in the writing of the blog. And as for the Sun Times guy? Perhaps I will see what he does when I buy a paper when he offers up such a proposition as having my baby, yes? Stay tuned.)

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  1. I hate the elevators at Daley. I also hate how at least one person who clearly cannot fit into the elevator manages to shove his/her way in, making an already uncomfortable space that much worse.

    I do love the Sun Times guy and the homeless guy with the same sign for 7 years: "I'm Just Hungry"