Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not as dumb as I look.

I like to fancy myself as an intelligent woman. For one, I know how to use "fancy" as both a verb and an adjective. Two, I understand the difference in those forms of speech. I'm sure it's mostly because I went to a fancy college and law school. (See, there you have it. Used 'em both.)

Sadly, however, because I am a young, blond woman, people underestimate my intelligence. Whether it was my very first boss making comments such as, "You're not as dumb as you look" or my clients at that same job asking if I was a secretary (despite the fact we were clearly in my office and my diplomas were hanging on the wall), I have had to deal with people treating me as if I am the village idiot. At these times, I really want to shake the individual treating me so and yell, "Hellllooo, I went to college, graduated magna cum laude and then went to law school. I was on the freakin' law review. Seriously!" (How's that for your braggy blog bit?)

Of course, all the education in the world does not necessarily make a person smart. And I am the first to admit, I have my moments. For example, despite the fact that I am capable of conducting a jury trial entirely on my own, I still have trouble with figuring out my left and right.

Sigh. The other weekend, Bro and his girlfriend were driving out to visit me. He got a bit turned around with directions, so he called me to finish them off. I very definitely told him: "Drive two blocks, then take a LEFT at the light." I think I told him that twice without even thinking about it. He gets to that intersection and says "F.A., there is a car blocking the street!"

Then it dawns on me. I meant to tell him to turn RIGHT. I admit my mistake and he exclaims in laughter (and I'm sure a little bit of exasperation), "YOU STILL DON'T KNOW YOUR LEFT AND RIGHT? Oh my GAWD."

Yeah. So I said I fancy myself as intelligent. I never claimed to be good at directions.

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