Monday, July 19, 2010

Thoughts on a new blog

My life is full of little moments. Obviously. But what makes these moments in my life special to me is the way I twist and turn them into little stories that hopefully make my readers laugh. Well, they make ME laugh. So, in turn, they should make my readers laugh. Right?

I know you are all nodding your head in agreement. Excellent. Well, it's because of those funny little moments about which I treasure writing that I named my blog "Life of the Fabulously Awkward." However, my head is always churning out other ideas.

For example, I have my rarely used blog about which I intended to chronicle my cooking adventures. Sadly for me, my cooking club disbanded and I have been supremely lazy this summer. Stay tuned to see if I pick that up anytime soon. (Please?)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a brilliant (to me) idea to create a blog about a certain someone in my life that was causing me a considerable amount of stress. To protect the anonymity of the parties, I shall use a fake name. I intended to entitle it "Life with Larry." However, I've decided that it probably wouldn't be very nice of me to consistently make fun of someone especially when I am sure that I get irritating to certain people in my life. However, if I was to create a new blog entitled "Living with Larry," this would be my first entry.

A little back-story: Larry and I had taken a road trip together to interview some people. We aren't friends, so I imagine he had just used my phone number written on the post-it I'd handed him to call me when he picked me up that morning. Shortly after he dropped me off, I received a call from Larry. Thinking it was important, I answered the call.

Larry: " this....uhhh....Orlando's Orthopedic....uhhh..."
F.A.: "No, Larry, this is Fabulously Awkward."
Larry: "Wait...uhhhh....who am I speaking with?"
F.A.: "Larry, this is Fabulously Awkward, remember, you just dropped me off."
Larry: "Uuuuh......ooooh.....yeah, F.A. Uhhh....sorry, was trying to call my chiropractor. OK, sorry, see you tomorrow. Bye!"

And this, my friends, is Classic Larry.

Perhaps one day there will be a blog dedicated to Larry. Not today, though. I'm not about to share my awkward moments with anyone for longer than a day. I might be awkward, but the fabulous part of me won't share. Or wait. Is that me being narcissistic?

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