Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One incident with a homeless man.

Chicago, like any other big city, has its fair share of homeless people. It's sad, but true. In the rare event that I have some spare change, I will drop that change in that particular person's cup with the hopes that he will use that money for food and not drugs or alcohol. Who really knows.

However, one encounter with a homeless gentleman stands out in my mind: the one that called me a bitch. Now, perhaps you're not entirely surprised by the name-calling, but the reasoning behind the nastiness is what makes this particular episode interesting.

One lovely day, I was walking during my lunch hour to Subway. Let it be known that I really don't like Subway. If I was going to Subway, it was likely due to the fact that there was absolutely nothing else I could fathom eating. To me, eating Subway for lunch is like giving up. No offense, Jared. I just think it's gross for the most part. Subway problems aside, I was on my lunch hour. As I rounded the corner, a homeless man was standing there asking for change. I shook my head and kept walking. He walked the eighth of a block right behind me and then said, "Hey, get me a meatball sub."

I walked through the doors of Subway, in awe that a homeless man made a specific request for a sandwich. The daunting line quickly moved my mind to what would be most painless sandwich for me to order. I placed my order, paid, then walked out the door to go back to work. The homeless man was waiting for me.

H.M.: "Where's my sandwich?"
F.A.: "What?"
H.M.: "I asked for a meatball sub. Where's my sandwich?"
F.A.: "Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't get you one."
H.M.: "You're a bitch."

I had no words for this man who called me a bitch for not springing for a sub for him, so I just walked away, dumbfounded.

That day will forever be memorialized as "The Day A Homeless Guy Called Me A Bitch." Over Subway. Yuck.


  1. I think I met the same guy although he wanted something from McD's. Called me a "Bitch" with an expletive in front of it when I walked out empty handed. And to think I almost gave him an Arch card so he could actually buy his own!