Monday, July 5, 2010

So, Fatty had a party...

This weekend, a lovely three days of not working, turned into a real eating fest. As I sit here and nurse my swollen over-eating belly, I am evaluating what I ate.

We started the day with a bottomless mimosa brunch. So, aside from the obvious, I enjoyed a lovely omelet with spinach, feta and mushrooms alongside some crispy potatoes. (I had fruit too, so that helps.) Then we were off to the ball park where I had several cold beers (the only way to stay refreshed on a hot day, aside from a dip in a pool) and lots of peanuts. Saturday night was a bit of a date night and we classed up the joint a bit with a jicama and grapefruit salad after which I nearly polished an entire bowl of mussels topped with frites. A few beers later, I decided that pizza would be a good idea. One slice for the walk home, of course.

Breakfast casserole at Casa de Yo (eggs, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cottage cheese, bacon and hash browns all cooked to a gooey hot mess) with more fruit (as if that evens out caloric consumption) then we decided to go visit the Taste of Chicago. Eat some more, of course. I had bites of pirogies (amazing), jerk chicken, an upside down caramel cupcake, mustard fried catfish and a churro. Only bites, of course. Then to the brewery for bacon fat popcorn, pulled pork sandwich and some garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes that nearly made me cry they were so good. And, since it was a brewery, we sampled the beer too.

Breakfast was a vegetarian croissant sandwich with some more fried potatoes.

I may have a heart attack by day's end. Send help.

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