Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another funny episode with Larry.

Sometimes Larry makes me want to pull my hair out. Lately, however, I have been able to elicit a goofy side from him. He responds well to my silly nature. Naturally, I find this hysterical. Here is the latest.

Today, we are attempting to get ahold of our clients (four individuals) to schedule something. Naturally, no one answers their phones, so we have to leave messages. On one of the voicemails, there is an automated announcement that advises us that "No one is available to take your call." Since we were calling a woman, and the automated voice was definitely the male version, I say to Larry jokingly, "She sounds like a man." However, cleverly, I have said this toward the end of the message. He says to me, "That's not her right," then realizes I am joking and starts to laugh JUST AS IT BEEPS. The message was hilariously awkward.

Point for me in my efforts toward making this office a place where everyone laughs. In the legal field, this sadly is quite a chore. However, I hope with my persistence I can change things. Baby steps right? It helps when you've got a Larry in your office. Truth.

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