Saturday, October 2, 2010

I can't fight this feeling anymore...

Oh. Hi. Yeah, that was just me. Singing. Last night one of my oldest and dearest gal pals took me to see Rock of Ages. It was pretty awesome. If you want to know all about it, I suggest you read the the most awesome recap by another hilarious writer. I can wait while you read.

In any event, last night, as I sang along, clapped my hands, and sat there with a huge stupid grin on my face, I remembered how much I LOVE musicals. Whether it's cheesy Mama Mia shows (yes, I love Abba. So what?) or London productions of Chicago (West End, baby!), nothing else can put a two hour perma-grin on my face like a good song and dance production.

I think back to where my love of musicals began. I believe I was in the seventh grade. I decided that I was going to start trying out for musicals. Never mind the fact that I had a terrible singing voice. I still tried out. Most of the  times I was assigned to the chorus. You know, the background noise. One very fateful year, I won the role of Student Number Four. Oh yes. The big time baby. The production? Little Miss Christie. My line? "Intelligence?"

Yep. One line. Well, that was until a certain star of the show got caught making out with her boyfriend in front of her locker and was kicked out of the musical. Little not-so-Miss Christie, huh? I then was labeled "Student" and got a few more lines. Sadly, there were no solo singing numbers for me. Too bad.

I stopped doing musicals after junior high. Mostly, I realized that I wasn't happy being stuck in the back of a chorus. I had skills. I wanted to shine. Cheerleading and dance team it was. There I let my dance talents shine, along with my other spandexed and be-scrunchied girls. The desire to perform was something that became a part of who I was. To this day, I relish the part of me that enjoys entertaining my friends. Whether it be a silly dance or a little limerick I write for a special occasion (seriously, I have done this, and it's a crowd-pleaser), being in the spotlight is something I enjoy tremendously.

On a semi-related note, I recently learned that I am quite talented as a singer. I mean, I got a 98% on the singing part of Beatles Rock Band a month or so ago. Me = mega-talented, apparently.

Intelligence? (NAILED THAT LINE, DIDN'T I???)

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