Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scary dream with a Rascal.

I am pretty sure I woke up crying in the middle of the night. And when P.I.C. woke me up this morning (reason number 1,248,996 why I love him: NO ALARM CLOCK NEEDED), I was beyond freaked out. You see, I had dreamed that my work had transferred me back to my home town.*

:::::::::::DUN DUN DUNNNNNN:::::::::::::::::

In this dream, we were having a conference. No one would acknowledge me. In fact, at one point, we all turned the tables into a circle formation to face one another. No one said anything. Therefore, I spoke up. "Hi everyone. My name is Fabulously Awkward. I am coming here from the Chicago office." And silence ensued. Seriously? Could they not see how hilarious of a person I am? Did they not sense my fun-loving nature? WHY WOULDN'T THEY SPEAK TO ME??

At that moment, I spied another friend out of the corner of my eye, someone I knew from law school. I chased after her trying to figure out what was going on. Sadly, she evaded me, escaping narrowly in a scooter. Not a "Ciao, I'm from Italia" scooter. It was one of those scooters that elderly or morbidly obese people use to get around. She got away from me on one of those. Word to the wise, this friend is neither elderly nor morbidly obese. But clearly, in my dream, she wanted nothing to do with me.

When P.I.C. woke me up, I was so confused in typical fashion. Only this time he didn't have to clarify the date for me or that he was, in fact, P.I.C. Nope. He had to clarify that my office would never transfer me to my hometown. So, smart readers, please tell me: What does this dream mean? And why was my friend on a RASCAL? (I just remembered what they were called!)

*In no means am I knocking my hometown. I enjoy visiting my friends and family there. I just have no plans to move my pernament residence there. That's all.

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  1. Dreams are scary like this. Whenever I take ambien I dream of unicorns and sexuality. It's unsettling, but I need that ambien.