Monday, October 4, 2010

Finding a hobby...via google? Results not pretty.

Remember last week when I wrote that incredibly insightful posting about the things you should learn in your twenties? (Please let it be known that I do not find myself insightful. I intended the previous statement to be silly. Just like me. I don't take myself so seriously, neither should you.) One of the things I mentioned that I found to be of value is having a hobby. This reminds me of a recent story that my dear friend, McQueen* told me about her husband.

She has been married for a few years now to a truly great guy. They both travel a lot for their jobs, so hobbies seem to have fallen by the wayside. When they are together, they mainly spend time at home, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Although, as anyone who has partaken in a relationship for longer than a year or so, this gets old. While it's nice to spend time along in your home together, you never want to feel like you are in a rut. Being bored one day, McQueen says to her Mr. McQueen, "It is kind of boring hanging around here all the time. Plus we live in the 'burbs, which we both know totally sucks.** We should think of something fun to do together. You know, like maybe a bowling league. But not bowling. Just something along those lines."

Mr. McQueen, as I mentioned before, is a great guy. He loves to make his Mrs. happy. So he does what any sweet and loving husband does: he does a google search for couple's activities. The result was not pretty. Not that he found something offensive. He just found what has to be the most ridiculous list of activities you have ever seen. I mean, it has to be a joke, right? You tell me.

I almost want to make up a joke commercial for this list and post it on youtube. I think it'd probably go something like this:

"ARE YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE BORED OF SITTING AT HOME? DO YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT CHALLENGES YOUR MIND AS WELL AS GETS YOU WORKING AS A TEAM? Why not try number 90 on our LIST? You can sit together over your table and pore of a handwriting sample. How FUN would THAT be? Maybe you're all into your fitness. If that's the case, I would recommend trying suggestion number 88, Grip Strength! For one low cost of $9.99, you too, can have a copy of this list. Get OUT of your boring rut. FIND A HOBBY! We can help YOU!"

Too bad Billy Mays passed away. I am relatively certain he could sell the crap out of a list like that via infomercial, right? I cannot even believe that a normal human being put this list together. McQueen, while touched at the effort, told me she may have peed a little when she read it the sixth time. (No judgment. That means something is REALLY funny. Duh.)

*Please note that for the protection of all parties involved, I did not use the real names of the parties in this story. Additionally, please note that if you think that I use real names in any of my stories, you are delusional.

**The suckage of the suburbs has been slightly exaggerated. Mostly because I want McQueen to move to the city so I can see her more often.

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  1. Crafts.
    Crafts (unspecified).

    How are these two different??

    And I have never EVER heard of Frisbee Golf being called FROLF. If anybody ever said FROLF to me, I'd think it was the lovechild of Fozzie Bear and Rolf the piano playing dog. WAKA WAKA!

    Also? I know that I am an excessive capitalizer. BUT EVEN I KNOW THAT WORDS LIKE "a" and "in" DO NOT GET CAPITALIZED IN TITLES. UGH.