Saturday, October 9, 2010

The realization is sinking in...

...and I don't like it. Remember how I have been all "wah wah, I'm turning thirty, woe is me?" Well, I was really saying that not really believing it. Today, I realize, it sucks.


I just hit delete. I sat here for ten minutes griping about all of first world problems, including a dry cleaner that blamed ME for ordering a bridesmaid dress two sizes too big and having to alter it, thus making it look rather crazy. But then I hit delete. I deleted my whiny diatribe on how it sucks to get older. Everyone knows that. And I am not the first person to have that epiphany. I won't be the last.

Despite having a rather major day-long freak out about my upcoming milestone birthday, I am grateful. I have friends that are seriously out of this world. My family is truly awesome. My boyfriend fits his moniker, and truly is my partner-in-crime in my crazy life. And as of today, I have twenty-nine people who care to read what I write, no matter how inane or stupid it may be. So thank you! You keep me writing day after day, even when the things I have to say are beyond mundane.

So rather than pouring my soul out to the Internet and seeming like a whiny brat (I mean, face it, you know that without me having to type it), I just want to put it out there...I am happy. I might look like a female hulk in my friend's wedding, but at least I will be the one tearing it up on the dance floor like I just don't care. Because you wanna know something? I really don't.

I promise that I will continue to tear it up, not care, and live my life the best I know tearing it up. Let the next thirty be even more fun than the first. The realization is that I will likely need copious amounts of love, vodka, grace, friendship and wine to get through my life and its dilemmas. Good thing I have plenty of all of those things.


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