Thursday, August 19, 2010

A follow-up to yesterday's Larry story.

Ms. Sass is a loyal follower of my blog. For that, I am grateful. Ms. Sass also knows Larry quite well, having worked with us for a spell. She had a very strong response to my posting yesterday about Larry. This was our conversation over gchat.

Ms. Sass:  btw, tomorrow tell larry you were wrong.

me: WHAT

Ms. Sass: P.I.C. DOES have a man purse

me: He DOES?
(At this point, I am running an inventory of P.I.C.'s bags, wondering if any of them border on a man-purse. I determine that he doesn't, but I am now interested as to where Ms. Sass is going with this idea.)

Ms. Sass: yes
then larry will buy one
hilarity will ensue
i will be entertained from afar

Seeing Larry walk in styling a man-purse might entertain us all, don't you think?

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