Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, I hate you.

Are you getting tired of all the TGIF going around? That common sigh you share with the worker in the elevator that indicates, yes, you are both so happy that it is Friday?

Then THIS, my friend, is the blog entry for you.

I'm saying all of this in jest, of course. I'm just as glad it's Friday as the next office worker. (I would say 9-to-5er, but come on. Most of us can't stick to that schedule.) However, as I walked the two blocks to the bus, I walked past the Ukrainian lady and had the overwhelming sensation to punch her in the head (I'm really not a violent person, I swear), I began to think of things that irritated me. For ease of reading, I have made a list of my top three annoying things this Friday.

1. The rude elevator dude. Roughly once a week, I encounter this guy who works in my building. We often find ourselves waiting for the elevator at the same time in the morning. This guy will shove his way in front of me to get on the elevator in front of me. It drives me insane. I have come to appreciate a little chivalry. Personally, I find it charming when man steps aside and lets me get on the elevator ahead of him. That's just me. Conversely, I find the men that find it necessary to nearly shove me out of the way to get on board first to have poor manners. So to you, rude elevator dude: Your momma did not raise you right. Sorry.

2. Those giant nanny strollers. I just saw them for the first time last Friday. They look like non-motorized golf carts. They take up the ENTIRE sidewalk. I saw a gaggle of them this morning. It is like you took the already annoying double-wide stroller and added a back seat. While that back seat does not take up more room on the sidewalk, rolling that thing up behind someone is frightening. It's huge. Find another way, nannies. Please. (I reserve the right to amend the venom I spew for double-wide strollers when I become a mom. But for now...annnoyyyying.)

3. My hair. I am having the "day after haircut and I hate it" hair day. Don't get me wrong, I love my stylist. I will continue to see her faithfully. Yet every time I have ever gotten my haircut, I inexplicably hate it the next day. Today, I have decided that my hair feels mullet-like. This irritates me to no end. I am not a mullet-wearing kinda girl. (P.S. Someone please reassure me right quick that layers do not equal a mullet. PLEASE.)

Also, while I have mentally pledged to myself to not complain about the heat, I'm giving it an honorable mention to my top three annoyances. Showers are no match for this weather. Why bother, right? Although, the heat does give me a legitimate excuse to not run after work. I mean, a heat advisory is a real thing, right? I guess I choose my gut over heat stroke.

Happy Friday, everyone. (I'm a jerk.)


  1. I bet Rude Elevator Dude's mom cries herself to sleep at night because she tried so hard to make her kid not be a douche and he still is.

    The day after the haircut is THE WORST. Because I can never, never, NEVER do it the same and I always want to cry.

  2. I can not stand those huge nanny strollers! And what is with the mountain bike sized wheels on those things? My sister in law has a double stroller for her twins and it doesn't even take up half the space of one of those baby SUV's. - G

  3. dude. i hate the rude elevator guy. i TOTALLY agree that it's good manners and charming for a guy to let you on first! where's the fire buddy? you don't get to your floor any faster by pushing me into the bushes! plus i'm pregnant (and apparently can't stop talking about it) so when a man goes out of his way to not let little ole preggers mcgee on first i want to puncha size him for free.

  4. I've come to hate the WEEK after hair cut. Especially when I specifically ask for it not to be trimmed / cut, and that's done anyway. Or overdone.
    You do not have a mullet. I don't even have to see you to know that. NO hairdresser in the world would do that to a paying customer. Unless they are out for revenge.

  5. Wait, that didn't make sense. I want to amend my post. "I've come to hate the WEEK after my trip to the salon."

  6. Layers are not mullets. I promise. I've been in the same situation.

    Also, Daley consists only of rude elevator guys. Let me in first. I'm a lady (on the outside)