Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saying goodbye.

I am not a hoarder. I swear. Yet I equate things with emotional value. It's the reason that I have a sweatshirt from the International Open Dance Championship 1997. Every time I see that sweatshirt, it makes me think of my squad's trip down to Nashville: staying at the Opryland Hotel, getting into a fight over the boombox and subsequently sneaking into our friend's room to steal it by telling the maid we were locked out, performing in the National Championship and WINNING the National Championship that year for their Poms division. One little scraggly, ill-fitting sweatshirt makes me think of all of those memories.

Sadly, that sweatshirt bit the dust today along with bags and bags of other items that evoked similar emotions. Moving in with the P.I.C. means that I must down-size. I must say goodbye to my things that really serve no purpose other than making me overly emotional. While I might see that shirt as a passageway down memory lane, P.I.C. will see it for what it really is: A really old and kinda crappy sweatshirt that I never wear.

Moreover, I am not only saying goodbye to my apartment and certain items, I am saying goodbye to my bachelorette lifestyle. I actually have to clear my party-planning by my new roommate. (That goes a little something like this: "Um, can you leave for the night? I want to have my friend's bachelorette party here." And him saying, "Um. OK.") I have to realize that I will need to compromise about certain things. Ugh. I hate compromising. Almost as much as I hate throwing away emotionally-charged sweatshirts. He's probably going to make me close the bathroom door now too. Boo.

But here I am, approximately ten days from a life of cohabitation. Throwing away the good stuff. Well, good to me. Saying goodbye. Shutting the bathroom door and all that jazz.

Also, N.B. Be it known that I am not one to give up my sass for a rather cheesy post. Sorry, I don't usually take myself seriously. That damn ugly sweatshirt brought it out. I promise to you that my snarky self will return shortly. I mean, perhaps this sentimentality is because I haven't had to deal with CTA and work issues for the past two days. Tomorrow morning is another day full of CTA and General Public encounters. But for now, I'm feeling rather gushy.

Oh, and I'm also procrastinating from packing. I really will be in trouble if P.I.C. did install that nanny cam he threatened.

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  1. ohmygoodness, I know how you feel. i loathe getting rid of things-especially the things I don't use. and my sweatshirts have feelings too!!! wait you didn't say that exactly, did you. you said *you* had feelings about the sweatshirts, not the other way around. woops.

    i might be a hoarder.