Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I promise you, Irritating CTA Rider.

Remember the other day when I was all sentimental and lovely-speaking. I promised that my crabbiness would return the moment I boarded another CTA bus. Ding ding ding!!! Well, really, my irritation stems from attempting to get off the el yesterday morning.

I am fortunate in that I only have to ride the el two stops to get to work. Since that is the case, I have no problem standing. It's less than five minutes, I can make it. No big deal. Of course, there are those people that don't move into the car, thereby preventing others from boarding. That's irritating. But yesterday morning, there was none of that. Furthermore, the stop at which I get off the el is quite a popular one. It is near the courthouse, government buildings, and the basic stop for most folks working in the north part of the loop.

In honor of my newest CTA irritation, I have created a pledge. To you, The Newest Type of Irritating CTA Rider:

If I, as a standee on the el, have moved into the center of the train car and am standing nearby where you are seated and we have just left the last stop, please do not insist that I remove my hand from whatever part of the train I am grasping to remain upright so that you can get closer to the door. I promise to you that I will not trap you in your seat, thereby not allowing you to exit the train. Furthermore, I promise that most of these people crammed into this train car are departing at the next stop. If you just sit tight a moment longer, I promise, we all can get off the train together and make it to work.

(Alright, so there are times when someone is attempting to move me out of the way to push toward the doors when the train hasn't even stopped, let alone opened its doors where I choose to pretend I am oblivious to her plight. I might hold onto that bar until the doors actually open. I really am that passive aggressive. And people with poor manners on the CTA really do irritate me that much.)

I hate you.

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  1. OH MY GOD, YES.

    Some bitch on the bus the other day decided that even though she was sitting right by the back door (which I was NOT blocking) that she wanted to go out the front door, which I was blocking as a standee. She kept saying, "EXCUSE ME" and I moved enough to let her get by, but nooooo, she wanted to walk between me and the pole I was holding to not fall over. I am not tall enough, even in heels, to grab those damn hangy things, so I just glared at her and informed her that when the bus stopped I would move, but until then, I was not letting go. She could either go around me, or she could wait. She was SO pissed. Stupid jerk.