Monday, August 2, 2010

Ms. Sass moved to California.

Perhaps you recall my friend, Ms. Sass. She is my coworker that started at my office on the same day as me. Well, she was my coworker. In June, Ms. Sass decided that a change of scenery was in order. She packed up her belongings, brought along her brother and cousin, and road-tripped it to the land where the grass is always greener (thank YOU for that, Katy Perry). Through her and her own awkward moments, she has provided much material for this blog.

My work partner-in-crime was gone, and I was sad. Still am. But thanks to modern technology, she is still able to update me on the shenanigans of her every day life (No pistol whipping, please). God bless and its amazing chat feature.

The other evening, she pops up to chat. She types this: "Ummmm just had to share this: people in bldg across the alley having sex w windows open-guy started barking  and yelled f*ck! And barked some more. Someone needs to know that story."

Apparently, since she lives near the beach (what a bitch), no one has air and everyone leaves their windows open. She often likes to tell stories of young actors walking by her window whining about their agents and auditions. This was the first rather salacious eavesdropping she has ever reported.

She then tells me that this guy has started yodeling. At this point, I accused her of lying. While Ms. Sass has always been honest with me, even I found this far-fetched. I demanded that she take her fancy little iphone out and start recording. Allegedly, the sound would not pick up. I don't fully believe her. Then again, if you click on Katy Perry above and see some "real" California girls, perhaps this type of activity isn't so strange.

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