Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, I hate you. Part Deux.

Yeah. I said Part Deux. Saying "deux" rather than "two" implies that I am fancy because I know French words.

Last week, I was having quite the crank-tastic day, if you recall. This Friday, I was determined to make it great. In fact, I really wanted to make today terrific. Like this kid. You know what? I say eff the gentle animals too. I want to see some otters.

In any event, this morning, I woke up semi-early and decided to go for a run. I figured, I'll run a bit, then get coffee on my way home. I had a nice run, had secured a bit fat cuppa joe, and returned home, ready to shower up and get ready for the day. Things were going pretty great.

Then the commute came along.

Reason Number One why I hate THIS Friday:
Then I get to the bus stop. No bus. Fifteen minutes with no bus. I was getting angry. The bus finally arrives, kind of crowded, but not overly so. Anyone who rides CTA buses knows that if you wait a long time, there are certain to be at least two buses show up after the wait. The bus wasn't too crowded, but there was a woman who insisted on standing so close to me she could touch me. My personal space was invaded AND I was late to work. Terrific. Naturally, the bus driver got to where I was to get off the bus and get onto the el, and he would not let us off. That other bus was already at the stop. I finally get off the bus, hearing the train and thinking perhaps I could catch a break. No such luck. "Doors closing." And I was NOT on board.

Then I got to work.

Reason Number Two why I hate this Friday:
I go to court, having been served with a notice for an emergency motion. Of course, my opposing counsel does not show up. This isn't usually an issue, but I'd really rushed to get into the office, was running late, and panicking thinking I would miss the motion. Of course not. Because he wasn't there to present it. Additionally, I needed him to present his motion because it directly involved a hearing this afternoon. This hearing was not to proceed based upon his motion. I was not prepared, thinking the hearing was going to be canceled. (Turns out, they dismissed the case after I had left, so no harm, aside from making my blood boil for quite a bit of the morning.)

Then it came time for lunch.

Reason Number Three why I hate this Friday:
(NOTE: This reason is rather ridiculous. But I'm feeling slightly ridiculous, so deal.)
They have moved the filming of Transformers 3 nearby where my office is located. Of course, we passed the set on our way to lunch. Not only did I NOT see any movie stars, I did not see any transformers. So, I presume they are all computer-created. Not cool. If you are going to get in my way, block my path to lunch, the one thing that could salvage this day, SHOW ME A CAR THAT TURNS INTO A ROBOT IN REAL LIFE. Is that so much to ask?

I swear that I am not always crabby on Fridays. Just lately. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to return to the damn gentle animals. Grumble.

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  1. I HATE it when people don't show up on their motions and don't bother to call first.

    Also, I am also kind of pissed off about the lack of actual transformers. All you're going to show me is torn up cement? I can see that shit driving down any street in Chicago. Like you, SHOW ME A CAR THAT TURNS INTO A ROBOT.