Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another episode with Larry!

Hey y'all. Remember Larry? I am enthused to report I have another encounter that made me quite hysterical.

You see, Larry is in his 40s. I imagine back in the day, he had relatively cool moments. However, now he is a husband and a father to two children. I can see him struggling with the fact that he has become a full-fledged "Dad" who wears super-white tennis shoes and tricks his kids into building shelves on a Friday night by telling them it's a new game for "Family Game Night." (Oh wait. Was that just MY dad who pulled the child labor trick?)

Like the majority of guys his age, he is not quite hip to the technology. He had asked a coworker recently to show him "How to Facebook." He has a ton of CDs in his car and does not quite get the whole upgrading to an ipod or the like craze despite being a huge music fan. He's just a little slow when it comes to the computer dealings.

Larry sent out an email the other day to our group requesting information on smart phones. He has decided to upgrade and is ready to be able to get smart with his phone. Us young kids emailed him back with our suggestions promptly. One of my suggestions was the new phone that P.I.C. recently purchased and loved. (Seriously, he wants to have little hybrid, bifocaled Samsung babies with that phone.)

Larry later came down to my office to discuss something work related. However, he had a phone-related question to get out of the way first.

L: "Hi, F.A. I wanted to talk to you about the Smith case. But first, I had a phone question for you."
F.A.: "Shoot."
L: "So, yeah. I went to the store and played with the phones last night. I really liked that one you told me your boyfriend had. But I had a question. It's kinda bulky, moreso than I am used to."
F.A.: "Yeah, you get used to having a bigger phone."
L: "Well, my question is this. So, I assume your boyfriend doesn't carry a man-purse. Where does he keep this phone? Does it fit in his pocket or does he have a belt holster for it?"

I immediately began laughing about the man-purse comment.

What I said: "NO, Larry. My boyfriend does not carry a man-purse."

What I should have said: "Actually, Larry. My boyfriend carries a man-purse. That's what all the cool guys carry these days. I suggest you hit up your local Wilson Leather store and pick one up."

(Sadly, in my process of packing up my life, I have given away my coffeemaker to my mom. That means I do not get coffee until I get to work. Clearly, it has affected my wit and sarcastic abilities in the workplace.)

Oh, Larry. I imagine that there will be a tutorial that accompanies his new smart phone purchase, and more hilarity will ensue.

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  1. I need to meet this larry person and explain to him that he needs to get an iPhone.

    And a man purse.